Haier HLP23E

This washer has changed my life! I live in an apartment and having to go to the laundromat was killing my weekends. So, if you can think of nicer things to do than spending a Saturday or Sunday at the laundromat, this washer is for you.

It is one of the larger compact washers out there – 20 inches wide. That way, it is large enough to fit a decent sized load, yet small enough to fit most closets and other tight spaces.

Haier HLP23EI can usually wash either 10 XL t-shirts, 3 jeans, or one queen sized sheet set at once. Just make sure to load things loosely until the washer is full and select the high water level, which the washer does NOT do by default. Clothes come out perfectly clean. This washer works much better with liquid detergent than powder detergent, which tends to accumulate in the lint filter. Although it does have a powder detergent dispenser, I would advise against using powder detergent.

The only two wash cycles I use are normal for almost everything and heavy for whites. The normal cycle takes 45 minutes. Not bad at all. The display tells you the time remaining. The washer does not have a fabric softener dispenser. If you want to use it, add it manually to the last (2nd) rinse (when 14 minutes show on the timer). Two rinses are nice – no more detergent residue on my clothes.

I noticed some people have trouble hooking up this this washer. The quick adapter will work with virtually any bathroom faucets that come with the little aerator which you have to unscrew. The drain hose has to drain in the sink because it must be above water level. Otherwise, water will drain inadvertently. This is true for all top load washers. At the same time, the drain hose should not reach a maximum height of 46 or 49 inches, because the pump is not strong enough to pump water that far up. This should not be a problem with most bathroom sinks, although some kitchen sinks might be taller.

The only problem I have had with this washer is the location of the drain hose. It attaches to the bottom right side of the washer. The user manual says you may reroute it to the bottom left side, but you can’t. There is an opening made for that, but due to the location of the drain pump, it is impossible to use that opening. So, if your sink is located to the left of your washer, the hose will be too short because it cannot reach around the washer. I had to extend my drain hose using a foot of hose from the hardware store and a hose clamp.

Overall, I am kicking myself for not having bought this quiet little washer sooner. It could have saved me so many trips to the laundromat.

Product Features

  • Portable 1-1/2-cubic-foot washing machine with quick-connect sink adapter
  • See-through top lid; electronic control panel and LED display; indicator lights
  • 4 wash cycles; 4 water-level settings; 6 programs; end-of-cycle signal
  • Auto shut-off for peace of mind; leveling legs; lint filter and water filter included
  • Measures 19-11/16 by 21-1/8 by 34-23/32 inches; 1-year warranty

Haier HLP23E